Menlo Park Police
Call 9-1-1 for EMERGENCIES,
or 650-325-4424
Non-Emergency 650-330-6300
Records 650-330-6310
Parking Permits 650-330-6308
Main Fax 650-327-4314
Menlo Park Municipal Code
The Menlo Park Communications Center is comprised of 7 Dispatchers, 1 Lead Dispatcher and is managed by the Technical Services Manger. Dispatchers work 10-hour shifts and provide the community with 24-hour service 7 days per week. Each dispatcher is trained and committed to assisting citizens. Dispatchers evaluate situations and dispatch officers when necessary, as well as refer callers to other city departments or public agencies.

Last year Menlo Park Communications processed over 60,000 emergency and non-emergency incidents. While the Communications Officers have a variety of responsibilities, their focus primarily centers on:

  • Answering emergency and non-emergency calls for service from the public, other agencies and patrol (including 9-1-1).
  • Prioritizing, assigning calls for service, and updating field units with pertinent information
  • Monitoring the units' status and maintaining radio contact during critical incidents.
  • Data entry into the various local, state, and national law enforcement computer systems.
Calling 911
911 is dedicated for emergency calls only, such as crimes in progress involving imminent threat to life, bodily injury, or property damage or loss. Some examples are medical emergencies, vehicle accidents, burglaries in progress, thefts in progress, vandalism in progress, etc.

Cellular 911 Calls
Cellular 9-1-1 telephone calls made within the City of Menlo Park are answered by the Communications staff in Menlo Park and dispatched accordingly. Calls on or near the freeway route to the California Highway patrol.

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