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Overnight Residential Parking
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Daytime Residential Permit Application

Some areas of the City have requested parking restrictions in their residential areas because of numerous all day parkers. Special permits have been designed for these residents in certain approved areas. The current areas where these are located are:

  • Flood Park area
  • College Avenue area
  • Crane Street
Daytime Residential Permits

A resident or landlord who would like a Daytime Residential Permit must complete the proper form, with their name, address, and phone number. The permits are then mailed to the address listed on the form. There is an annual fee for up to three permits for residents, or one for landlords.

Flood Park Residential Permits

The residents in the Flood Park area requested and received no parking restrictions in their neighborhoods between April and October. The primary purpose of this restriction is to keep visitors to Flood Park from parking in front of their homes. For an annual fee, residents get three permits which can be displayed on their visitors vehicles or their own.

EXEMPTION FOR CERTAIN VEHICLES: Marked repair, maintenance, utility, refuse, or delivery vehicles while doing business in the residential parking district, as well as vehicles displaying valid handicapped license plates or placards are exempt from this residential daytime parking ordinance.

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