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There are three types of Downtown Plaza Parking Permits available for purchase:

  • Annual (including Merchant Delivery Vehicles)
  • Temporary Full Day
  • Temporary Half Day (soon to be eliminated with new downtown parking plan)

Annual Downtown Permits

Annual downtown permits are available for business owners and employees in the downtown assessment district (see Downtown Plaza Map). In short the borders are:

  • North side of Menlo Ave to South side of Oak Grove
  • West side of El Camino to the East side of University

Permits allow all-day parking in assigned plazas. City Council has mandated a limit on the total number of permits to be assigned at any one time in order to make parking available for customers and clients.

Permits are issued in plazas 1,2,3,5,6,7, and 8. A total of 685 permits are issued, divided throughout the plazas as designated. The current cost of an annual permit is $569.00 per year (to be increased to $592 on 01/01/12), which is pro-rated throughout the year depending on when it is purchased - please call for exact amount. To purchase an annual downtown permit, please come to the Police Department during City business hours with the appropriate fee, business name and address, and description of the vehicle that will be using the permit.

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If a permit is turned in during the year we will prorate a refund for only the unused full months remaining until expiration. An administrative fee will be charged for all refund requests. The permits are assigned to a specific plaza only.

Merchant Delivery Vehicle Permits are available for delivery vehicles, which are clearly marked identifying the business. Permits are purchased annually for the same fee as regular downtown plaza permits, however they are not considered part of the 685 permits issued.

Temporary Downtown Permits (Full and Half-Day)

Temporary permits are available for purchase only by eligible plaza businesses, and are limited to 50 per month, per business. They may be used by the business employees as needed or may be given to their clients for use while on extended appointments at the business. They are only valid in plaza's 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Permits are NOT valid in plaza 4 (the lot next to Draegers) and they are not valid for on-street parking. The current cost of temporary permits are $10.00 for a full day and $5.00 for a half day. The half-day permits are scheduled to be eliminated when the new downtown plan takes effect in Fall 2011.

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