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The Police Records Unit is comprised of 3 Police Records Officers and is managed by the Technical Services Manager. The Unit is responsible for processing police reports, citations, subpoenas and other related paperwork; registering sex, narcotic, arson and gang offenders; answering all non-emergency incoming phone calls; staffing the main counter and assisting the public with questions, copies of reports, parking permits, vehicle releases, etc; administration of the overnight, downtown and residential permit programs and many other miscellaneous duties.

Police Report Copies

Police reports may only be released to authorized parties and according to State law. Reports involving certain types of crime (i.e.; juvenile cases and some sex related crimes) cannot be released to anyone except district attorneys or law enforcement agencies.

To determine if a report can be released to you, or for information about the status of your report, please contact the Records Division at 650-330-6310. To obtain a copy of a releaseable police report (i.e.; theft, property damage or loss, incident reports, traffic accidents), you must be a named involved party to the case (not merely a witness). The processing and copying fee for all police reports is: $2.00 per copy.

Any persons named as a possible suspect may not get copies of reports from the police department. Anyone named as a suspect should call the San Mateo County District Attorney's Office, 650-363-4677.

Letter of Good Conduct

The background check and processing fee for a LETTER OF GOOD CONDUCT is $40.00 per name checked. The prepared letter will be certified or notarized . You must come to the main police station in person and provide us with the following:

  • A current valid government photo ID
  • ALL the addresses and exact dates you lived in Menlo Park (must be within the City limits)
  • Payment in the form of cash, check or credit card (Visa/MasterCard)

OR - you may send us a signed letter requesting a LETTER OF GOOD CONDUCT that Includes:

  • Your current address and phone numbers
  • A legible photocopy of your driver license and 1st page of your passport (showing your photo, name and date of birth)
  • A personal check or money order (in U.S. dollars) for $40.00 (letter will be certified or notarized) for each name
  • ALL the addresses and exact dates you lived or worked in the City of Menlo Park

Vehicle Releases

All vehicles towed by Menlo Park Police must have a release form issued by the police department before the tow company can release them. Eligible vehicles are released in person to the registered owner of the vehicle ONLY at Menlo Park Police Department . The owner must supply current valid registration, proof of insurance, and a valid licensed driver. If you are coming to the station after regular Police business hours, you must bring EXACT CASH or credit card only (MasterCard/Visa).

If the vehicle was towed for excessive citations, those must be paid at the Menlo Park Police Department, or DMV prior to release (bring all proof of payments).

If the vehicle has a 30 day hold, you may pick it up after the 30 days is up, or earlier if the person driving the vehicle at the time of tow gets their license reinstated (then they must come to the Police Department with the owner to get the release - bring proof from DMV). There is an additional early release fee. If the vehicle owner would like to request a post-storage hearing on the validity of the tow, the owner must contact the Police Department at 650-330-6300.

Menlo Park Police Department vehicle release fees (cash or Visa/MasterCard only):

  • $300.00 for vehicles towed for misdemeanor/felony/criminal offenses (this includes vehicles towed for unlicensed or suspended license violations)
  • $200.00 for all other Vehicle Code infractions (blocking driveways, abandoned, etc.)
  • $100.00 additional early release fee if a vehicle being held for 30 days is released early due to reinstatement of drivers license or a post storage hearing decision
After obtaining a vehicle release form the Police Department, the owner must take the form to the tow company, where all towing and storage fees must be paid to the tow company.
Massage Therapy Permits or Solicitor's Permits

If you are applying for a massage therapy permit, please contact the Planning Department prior to contacting us to make sure the business location is properly zoned. Once that has been approved, you can come to the Police Department to apply for your permit, pay the fees and obtain paperwork for fingerprint processing (fingerprinting is only necessary if you do not have a state certificate). For solicitor's permits, please contact the Finance Department for a City business license prior to contacting us. Once that has been done, you will need to come to the Police Department to pay fees and obtain paperwork for fingerprint processing.


290 PC Registrants - Sex crime registration: BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - Must register at MPPD Records counter within 5 days (working days) of their birthday every year and within 5 days (working days) of entering (even temporarily) or moving to or from the City of Menlo Park. Failing to register and/or notify as required is a Felony.

11590 H&S Registrants - Drug crime registration: BY APPOINTMENT ONLY- Must register at MPPD within 30 days of entering and living in the City of Menlo Park and within 10 days of any change of address to, from or within City of Menlo Park. Failing to register and/or notify as required is a misdemeanor.

457.1 PC Registrants - Arson Crime registration: BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - Must register at MPPD Records counter within 14 days (working days) of entering or moving to or from the City of Menlo Park, and within 10 days (working days) of any change of address. Must register annually within 10 days of birthday. Failing to register and/or notify as required is a misdemeanor.

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